About Us

We believe there is a better way to move and Uniwheel is that way.

In life we feel each journey is important, we believe how you travel should be your choice. All over the world people are making millions of journeys, we wanted to give travelers an alternative to the constraints of current transport, we want people to own their journey.

Uniwheel is our first product, a single wheeled, portable, one person vehicle. We want to connect people to there urban environment enabling faster and freer movement. Weather your an all the way to work rider or last mile finder, Uniwheel will get you there. We believe Uniwheel can take you anywhere and you can take anywhere too.

What makes us diffrent.

Our Team

Uniwheel has been completely designed and built, right here, in London. Crafted through a close nit team of in house designers, engineers and software developers we have created a product that is stylish with unrivaled usability. Having such a multidisciplinary team has provided unique cross pollination of ideas resulting in a total riding experience.

Our philosophy

Each member of the team is a passionate wheel rider, we believe in the true potential of Uniwheel. We see Uniwheel as a way to open peoples life to more. Being in such control of your daily travel simply allows you to do more.

Being close to the product

Each part is customised and carefully made to reflect both design and user, being so close to the product meant we could ensure quality, from the beginning, right to the end.

We love to ride

At the heart of everything is, we just love to ride. We see what Uniwheel brings. So we have built something that reflects our passion.

"A British-made device is hoping to change the way people get around."

"The plastic cover and bumpers, coupled with the black colour, red and white headlights, and angular shape, make the design unique."

"Like gliding serenely through the air, steering by impulse rather than conscious effort."

"The Uniwheel's design, build quality and safety features set it apart from the competition."

"Riding the device wasn’t easy, but having a 1,500 watt electric engine between my feet felt remarkably freeing."

"...I can only consider the Uniwheel an unmitigated success. This is what hoverboards were always supposed to be."