Uniwheel front side

The Urban Head-turner

We made Uniwheel to change the way you move. Powerful enough to carry you for miles, yet light enough to be carried in one hand. Not only is it one of the most convenient vehicles ever made it’s an absolute blast to ride.

"A British-made device is hoping to change the way people get around."

"The plastic cover and bumpers, coupled with the black colour, red and white headlights, and angular shape, make the design unique."

"Like gliding serenely through the air, steering by impulse rather than conscious effort."

"The Uniwheel's design, build quality and safety features set it apart from the competition."

"Riding the device wasn’t easy, but having a 1,500 watt electric engine between my feet felt remarkably freeing."

"...I can only consider the Uniwheel an unmitigated success. This is what hoverboards were always supposed to be."

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Power on Demand

1500W high efficiency motor delivers all the power you need. Whether you are a hill climber or a speed demon, there is enough power for you.

Intelligent electronics icon

Intelligent Electronics

Our proximity sensors are able to detect user-presence ensuring a safe riding experience.

Portable icon


One of the most compact electric transportation devices ever made. The Uniwheel weighs in at 10.8kg, making it easy to take it wherever your go.

Swappable batteries icon

Swappable Batteries

Swap batteries for extended range. Keep an extra battery in your bag and travel unrestricted. Our flight-safe mode makes airplane traveling with a wheel easier than ever.

Integrated headlights icon

Integrated Headlights

The headlight modules were designed to make sure you can ride anytime, anywhere. They use Ultra-Bright LED’s to light whatever path you choose to take.

Protective accessories icon

Protective Accessories

A Tritan™ main case, replaceable bumpers and battery covers will protect your wheel from scratches and bumps. But they are not just strong, choose a colour accent that suits your style.

Uniwheel App

The Uniwheel App Gives The Intelligent Updates On The Fly. It Provides The Rider With The Key Riding Stats On How Fast,Far And Long The Rides Are.